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We, the Brunch team, would like to send out our condolences and strength and support to all of the victims, their families and all of those affected by the attack in Cambrils and Barcelona, our city, our home since so many years.

Our hearts say to be strong and continue to live our lives in a normal manner, to not let us be influenced by these barbarities, and to continue celebrating Brunch this Sunday; but our sense and mind tells us that, with respect to the victims and the period of mourning, we have to cancel the event we had planned for this Sunday, the 20th of August. It has been a difficult decision, but we believe it is the most adequate one in this situation. The official afterparty of Brunch, ´Bonus Track´, is also cancelled due to the same motives.

The refund of the sold tickets will be done by Resident Advisor automatically in the next few days.

Barcelona and Brunch represent everything the terrorists hate: happiness, life, diversity, liberty, love, tolerance and respect. We are not going to succumb, because this will mean playing their game, therefore, we will be back with our usual activities from the 27th of August on, with the next programmed event of the season, even stronger and more united than ever before.

In Brunch, we always defend the values of union, of celebrating together, with all people of all races, nationalities, sexual preferences and gender, and we will continue to stand for these principles. We will take strength from this situation and continue more united than ever. See you on August 27th!

Love from The Brunch team.