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This site makes uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that are generated from your computer; this means your computer sends information without providing references that allows others to gain personal data.

Some of our web pages may also attract third-party cookies (for example, by pressing social networking buttons or viewing videos hosted on another website). We cannot access the data stored in these cookies.

We use “session” cookies, which allow us to carry information from one page to another from without having to re-enter it. With session cookies we can perform statistics that help us understand how our website is used and how to improve its structure.

You can configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of the cookies sent by this site, without this harming the possibility of accessing the contents. However, deactivating the cookies can mean the website will not perform as well as it should. We cannot be hold accountable for it.

In order to deactivate the Advertising Cookies and the systems of Google Adsense do not create a profile of its navigation, but access one of the links mentioned above.

Web brands or Web Beacons

Like cookies, this site may also contain web beacons, a graphic electronic file that allows users to access the site or access certain cookies from the site, so that we can offer you an even more personalized experience.

Third-party actions

Within this website you will find the following; pages, promotions, microsites, virtual stores, surveys, sponsors, advertisers, contractors and / or partners and commercial services, together with other shared services, own or dependent of third parties that may request information, which this site may disclose to third-parties, provided by you.

The information provided on these sites that depend on third parties is subject to the privacy policies or legends of responsibility of Information that are properly deployed in said Sites and will not be subject to this privacy policy. Therefore we strongly recommend that Users review in detail the privacy policies that are displayed on these websites.

Advertising Privacy Policy that may be provided on this Site:

Google Adsense:

We study our users’ preferences, demographics, traffic patterns, and other information together to better understand who our audience is and what is needed. Tracking the preferences of our users also helps us serve you the most relevant ads.

Privacy Policy From Trace Sources Used On This Site:

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Our Cookies

We include below a list of the cookies we use, their purpose and the maximum number of days they will remain on your computer (unless you delete them before): The originating page is the first one the user enters. It is a cookie of that identifies the session of the user; session cookies allow users to be recognized on a website so that any changes you make, the article you select or the data you enter is remembered. Unlike other cookies this is not saved on the user’s computer, at the end of the session on the web it is destroyed automatically.

cookie_assistant_enable_cookies, request-method: this is the cookies that uses the pop-up control of the cookies to not shop up again after the user accepts our cookie usage.

Third-party cookies

_drt_ y ID: cookies of google Ads or Google Adsense. All the information about cookies of Adsense you can find here: