Brunch #1 – 01/03
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Floating Points 20h-22h
Hunee 18h-20h
박혜진 Park Hye Jin 16h-18h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Hadone 20h-22h
Squaric 18h-20h
Alex Martin 16h-18h

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Brunch #2 – 15/03
Parc del Fórum

Room 1
Henrik Schwarz LIVE 21h-22h
Giorgia Angiuli LIVE 20h-21h
Monolink LIVE 19h-20h
Stavroz LIVE 17:30h-19h
Begun LIVE 16:30h-17:30h
Violeta Villa b2b Brenda Blu 13h-16:30h
Room 2
Jokkoo b2b 21h-22h
Baba Sy 20h-21h
Dj Mookie 19h-20h
B4mba 18h-19h
Opuku 17h-18h
Mbodj 16h-17h

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Brunch #3 – 29/03
Parc del Forum

Room 1
Apparat DJ 20h-22h
Mall Grab 18h-20h
HAAi 16h-18h
Sama Yax 13h-16h
Room 2
DJ Fra b2b Pional 16h-22h

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Brunch #4 – 19/04
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Room 1
Denis Sulta 20h-22h
Krystal Klear 18h-20h
Jen Cruz b2b Lee Jo Life 16h-18h

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Brunch #5 – 10/05
Nou Barris

Room 1
Luciano 19h-22h
Heidi 17h-19h
Kosmos & Ginebra 16h-17h

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Brunch #6 – 17/05
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Underground Kaoz’ Kerri Chandler b2b Jeremy Underground 19:30h-22h
Mr. G LIVE 18:30h-19:30h
Joey Negro 16h-18:30h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Josephine 20h-22h
Luna Martinez 20h-21:30h
Mystery Affair 16h-20h

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Brunch #7 – 24/05
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Bedouin 20h-22h
dOP 19h-20h
Sita Abellán 17h-20h
Phosky 16h-17h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Lowprofile b2b Rumbler b2b Juan Solo 20h-22h
Emerald 20h-21:30h
Lowprofile b2b Rumbler b2b Juan Solo 16h-20h

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Brunch #8 – 14/06
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Lil’ Louis ’The founding father of house’ 20:15h-22h
Floorplan aka Robert Hood & Lyric 18:45h-20:15h
Cassy 17h-18:45h
IVA 16h-17h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Chinese Guy 20h-22h
Spirit Disco 18h-20h
Raven 16h-18h

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June 10, 2020


May 27, 2020


May 7, 2020


April 15, 2020


March 24, 2020


Alex Martin

Alex Martín is an essential nominee of our electronic scene. Amb a solid career to les seves espardenyes. Alex has deployed a wide range of names to baptize els seus treballs in prestigious venuts europeus.


Apparat’s sound is as eclectic as its musical horizon is wide. Their emotional rhythms offer a happiness option, and his sound waves can tear your heart apart. His live performances are famous for leaving us speechless!


Artista nacido en Montpellier, de padre senegalés y de madre española. Es conquistado por los ritmos Afro-Latinos, interpretando títulos en francés y en español, consiguiendo reunir en parte su triple cultura, lo que le permitirá obtener una visión más ecléctica y completa de la música urbana.

Baba Sy

Their sessions mix different rhythms mostly from different countries of the African continent: afrobeat, GQOM, electronic soukous, hip hop… All with the aim of teaching the most futuristic face of Africa through its contemporary electronic music.


Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Rami. Abousabe and Tamer Malki who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Together they share an eclectic sonic vision from their world travels.


His ability to evoke emotions makes him synthesize sensitivity, experimentation and contemporary electronics in his musical proposal, the result of many years of classical training and his passage through various musical projects with renowned international artists.


Brenda Alarcón, aka, Brenda Blu, is a Colombian DJ now based in Barcelona. Her influence has played a key role in helping shape her djing style. She creates a melodíc and mínimalist atmosphere, playing techno, electro, house, mínimal and industrial electronic music that has put her on the Barcelona scene.


Cassy’s lifelong love affair with music makes her one of the most respected selectors of her generation. A dynamic, passionate DJ with an encyclopaedic knowledge of electronic music history and a record bag to match it.

Chinese Guy

Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting new prospects from the ever-fertile Glasgow scene. Sulta’s meticulous and diverse approach to dance music has seen his stand out capabilities reach unbelievable new heights for someone still so young.

DJ Fra

The nationals of Few dj can boast to manage-be both mestres and estils so different with house, the drum’n’bass, techno, Breaks or italo the way that DJ fra do it, combining all of it in one set.

Dj Mookie

Part of the Jookoo collective, Dj Mookie explores all the most electronic, experimental and modern sounds of this decade.


Damien, Clement and Jaw spent years working in the world of hip hop in their native Paris before being swept into the world of unconventional house and techno. A whirlwind of releases resulted in appearances on labels such as Eklo, Supplement Facts and Watergate. The continued rise in reputation of dOP is undoubtedly linked to their live performances.


In the last three years, Emerald has catapulted to become one of the most exciting voices in independent radio. Her sets combine Uk funk, Bass, House and garage.

Floating Points

Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points es productor, Dj y músico. En sus sets se albergan distintos géneros musicales, ya sea house, hip-hop, dubstep, techno, jazz o música clásica, el sonido Floating Points puede manifestarse en cualquier forma sonora.

Floorplan aka Robert Hood & Lyric

Floorplan is the father-daughter duo of Robert & Lyric Hood who have re-positioned the euphoric feel of gospel into their disco, funk and soul styled house across the world’s dancefloors.


A true activist of Barcelona’s clubbing, from 1995 she started exporting UK sounds like drum’n’bass, two step or nu breaks to a then small and young scene. From then she’s stablished herself as one of the major players of that scene both as a Dj, promoter and record label owner.

Giorgia Angiuli LIVE

Born in Puglia, Giorgia is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. Now residing in Florence, this classically trained musician turned live electronic act is just getting started, so sit back and enjoy what’s to come!


In a short space of time HAAi has risen to the top of the DJ rankings thanks to her playful but hard hitting brand of wavy electro, mutant basslines and post-jungle beats. Voted best BBC Radio 1 essential mix of 2018!


Jeremy aka Hadone is one of this interesting new artists emerging from France.
A lover of dirty and fat rythmics, raw and pretty straight forward, Hadone is a perfect mix between some 90’s killer tracks and some of the finest new Techno.


Heidi has worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno music generation. Heidi spends her life immersed in music.Never afraid to fight for what she wants, for Heidi it’s not about right place, right time. She has won through sheer determination and sharing the magic with those she loves at every step.

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz has long been seen as a different type of electronic artist, which does not quite fit with what one would expect from someone who has devoted most of his career to house and techno. However, with his recent Schwarzmann project, he has exceeded, more than ever, the limits, possibly redefining what it means for an electronic artist to perform live.


Notoriously deep digger and part of the unstoppable funk machine at Rush Hour, Hunee’s sets are a representation of his undying passion for bringing audiences into his life-long musical voyage.


At only 27 years of age, Bolivian-born IVA already has a string of accomplishments under her belt that most artists spend a lifetime trying to achieve. Preferring to play long sets that allow her melodic techno sound to build over many hours, IVA tells a story by taking her crowd on a musical journey they can get lost in.

Jen Cruz

Jen Cruz has a very club style, with melodic and forceful sounds that make you travel in each of their sets. Jen still continues to pursue their dreams by entering the world of production now. Stay with your name.

Jeremy Underground

Jeremy spent his teenage years in record stores with just one idea in mind – digging up the hidden treasures of the house. His collection and knowledge of deep house exceed his years of collecting them. Your musical selection will not leave you indifferent.

Joey Negro

Joey Negro has been producing with love for close to three decades. Arguably house music’s major proponent of soulful,disco-tinged, vocal records and without question instrumental is its development and popularisation, no-one treats a loop,groove or hook with as much care and attention as Joey Negro.


Josephine is a Spanish producer and DJ, known for her elegant sessions. His music is defined as powerful and enveloping, with a vibrant style that captivates you from the beginning. Its technology is loaded with percussion and harmonies that make your emotions wake up.

Juan Solo

Juan has only been since its inception investigating the history of music focused on the track. From the Funk of ‘80 to Hip Hop and current R&B, the House of Chicago to the avangard of electronic music.

Kerri Chandler

Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler one of deep house music’s originators, has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. An ambassador of the natural and instinctive 4/4 beat, Kerri’s influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up in a family of jazz musicians. His father being a respected deejay, provided Kerri with a rich background in the origins of soul, disco and the New York Underground Sound


Kosmos is one of the top Spanish djs, constantly guesting at the best clubs and festivals around Spain and starting a promising international career that’s taken him to important clubs and events in places like London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, etc.

Krystal Klear

Debutó en el mundo en 2010 bajo el apodo anónimo de Krystal Klear, Dec Lennon, nativo de Dublín, ha hecho un ascenso constante para convertirse en una de las caras nuevas más frescas de la música que tiene la habilidad de destruir las pistas de baile subterráneas con su profunda caja de registros.

Lee Jo Life

Loïc Le Joliff empezó a pinchar en 2007 con el alias de Elio Krass, fue entonces cuando creó el sello Microzoo. También es co-fundador de Brunch-In y programador artístico a nivel global del festival. Su trayectoria como DJ y productor le ha hecho dominar diferentes estilos musicales. Recientemente ha hecho una serie de fiestas, MOOV·IDA, en varios clubs de Barcelona con amigos artistas de la escena electrónica.

Lil’ Louis

The founding father of house music needs no introduction. Born in Chicago, Lil ‘Louis has been a driving force behind electronic music for almost 4 decades, and continues to pave the way forward.


Functionality, emotion & intensity. These are the three axes that define Lowprofile’s vision in music. He’s is known for having a special sensibility and criteria when it comes to connecting different genres and vibes, with a precision and elegance that are rare to find.


Ranking as one of today’s most influential world traveling DJs and Performers, Luciano has always been at the forefront of electronic music. He has brought his charming unique unique blend of Techno and passionate Latin grooves to crowds all over the planet.

Luna Martinez

Luna Martínez’s styles have varied throughout his career. It began with the Techno vinyls of his friends, went through the ElectroHouse that marked the musical moment in London and ended up opting for the most minimalist sounds of the present electronic panorama.

Mall Grab

The Australian Jordon Alexander artistically known as Mall Grab, has been building his reputation for his ability both in studio and in the cabin. His sets are clearly focused on making the entire dance floor dance.


Mbodj sounds range from the most introspective ambient to techno and even trance with experimental bases, broken at times, and abrupt but elaborate and coherent rhythm changes.


Having been in the game for around 2 decades now, Colin McBean aka Mr. G is widely considered to be one of the most under-rated artists about – with only true music fans appreciating his vast contribution to dance music.

Mystery Affair

Mystery Affair es una polivalente artista DJ, productora y promotora mexicana. Sus característicos sets de hipnodanza exploran los callejones del House, Nu Disco, Dark Disco y Techno, logrando cada prender fuego en la pista de baile.


Black Music. Head, Heart and Body Music.


Phosky es el pseudónimo bajo el que se esconde Rosa Pacheco. Técnico de sonido y deejay. Devoradora e investigadora de cualquier sonido adulterado e inorgánico.


Meteoric This word perfectly defines the career of Pional aka Miguel Barros. In a few years it has gone from sounding Pixar or HBO movies and series to spinning around the world opening for great artists and international bands. Pional has not stopped going up and up in the electronic music scene.



Since its start playing drum and bass or jungle records back in 2010, Pablo Reguilon aka Rumbler has always seeked for a variety of sounds and BPMs in his DJ sets.

Sama Yax

Sama Yax is the war name of Ainara Marañón, Mexican by birth, raised in Bilbao and currently residing in Barcelona. He dedicates himself to music by vocation and passion. His sets have a multitude of musical genres but, when spinning his records on the dance floor, he likes to do it to the rhythm of Disco, Groove, Afro beat, Funk, Latin groove and Soul.

Sita Abellán

Hailing from Murcia, Spain, Sita Abellan is at the vanguard of a new wave of cultural tastemakers, pushing boundaries where music and style collide.

Spirit Disco

Squaric / Rodrigo Garcia

Rodrigo Garcia aka Squaric es un Dj y productor nacido y criado en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Inspirado por el sonido de Detroit de los 80, comenzó a experimentar sonido IDM, siempre como camino conductor del sonido Techno.

Stavroz LIVE

Stavroz was formed in 2011 by IJsbrand & Gert, both dj’s and sound engineers looking for a way to channel their musical antics. Soon thereafter, Maxim & Pieter joined on live shows and in the studio, they display an uncanny ability to combine the old with the new.

Violeta Villa

Carolina Villa aka Violeta Villa is a creative, melomaniac, versatile artist with proposals exclusively analyzed and digested through an educated ear. Her personal style was developed after intense consumption of electronics from experimental and environmental perspectives.

박혜진 Park Hye Jin

Park Hye Jin es una cantante, compositora, rapera, y Dj de house y techno, de Seúl, Corea del sud. Apunta bien su nombre, ha llegado para quedarse.


Trabajamos en colaboración con el Ajuntament de Barcelona y su protocolo No Callem con el fin de erradicar los abusos y violencia de género dentro de nuestro festival. A su vez tenemos un stand cada día donde profesionales técnicos de Observatori Contra lHomofòbia  proporcionan información y activa el protocolo en caso que haya cualquier incidencia de género o bien homófobo.


Firmly committed to our natural environment, we apply sustainability policies and zero waste in all areas of our festival that range from our suppliers to our public. We recycle, reuse and close the natural cycle of our waste. We also carry out communication campaigns and environmental actions for beach and mountain cleaning.


We like to give back to our neighborhood what it has given us, so we commit ourselves with our neighbors giving economic support to different ONG’s and local entities that need an impulse to develop their social programs. We also fight against hunger in Barcelona through our Social Fooding Foundation, which if you want you can be a volunteer.

As all Brunchers know, the impresive Plaza Mayor of Poble Espanyol is like our house. Another year will receive us to spend great moments in our electronics evenings in its two rooms, but that’s not all: this season, Brunch will be more nomad than ever and will also travel to Antigua Fábrica Damm and Jardins del Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Come and enjoy a different Sunday with us!

Brunch is an outdoor event where you will find areas of shade and areas with tables to take a break from dancing. The location we have chosen, like last year, is the emblematic Poble Espanyol; A charming place to enjoy a unique party very close to the city center.

Hungry? You’ve got nothing to worry about. We have thought of everything, and we have lined up a great variety of gastronomic delicacies so feel free to surprise yourself! From the most carnivorous food to veggie dishes. Do not miss anything!

Our purpose is to bring national and international artists to electronic music lovers. We want you to enjoy great parties under the sunshine, without having to spend the whole night out, that’s how our format works. Festivals are fantastic places to have fun with friends, but we have another concept, which is more family friendly. Here the children will enjoy themselves as much as you.

Petit Brunch is the area of the festival designed so that young and old can share one common place, and enjoy a good lunch and live music under the sun together. The activities of Petit Brunch are a very important part of the event for the little ones. To allow everyone to enjoy as much as they can, we offer a series of original and entertaining activities. They will have a great time on the inflatables, or playing table football, learning at workshops and much more.

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