Brunch #1 – 01/03
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Floating Points 20h-22h
Hunee 18h-20h
박혜진 Park Hye Jin 16h-18h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Hadone 20h-22h
Squaric 18h-20h
Alex Martin 16h-18h

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Brunch #2 – 15/03
Parc del Fórum

Room 1
Henrik Schwarz LIVE 21h-22h
Giorgia Angiuli LIVE 20h-21h
Monolink LIVE 19h-20h
Stavroz LIVE 17:30h-19h
Begun LIVE 16:30h-17:30h
Violeta Villa b2b Brenda Blu 13h-16:30h
Room 2
Jokkoo b2b 21h-22h
Baba Sy 20h-21h
Dj Mookie 19h-20h
B4mba 18h-19h
Opuku 17h-18h
Mbodj 16h-17h

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Brunch #3 – 29/03
Parc del Forum

Room 1
Apparat DJ 20h-22h
Mall Grab 18h-20h
HAAi 16h-18h
Sama Yax 13h-16h
Room 2
DJ Fra b2b Pional 16h-22h

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Brunch #4 – 19/04
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Room 1
Denis Sulta 20h-22h
Krystal Klear 18h-20h
Jen Cruz b2b Lee Jo Life 16h-18h

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Brunch #5 – 10/05
Nou Barris

Room 1
Luciano 19h-22h
Heidi 17h-19h
Kosmos & Ginebra 16h-17h

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Brunch #6 – 17/05
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Underground Kaoz’ Kerri Chandler b2b Jeremy Underground 19:30h-22h
Mr. G LIVE 18:30h-19:30h
Joey Negro 16h-18:30h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Josephine 20h-22h
Luna Martinez 20h-21:30h
Mystery Affair 16h-20h

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Brunch #7 – 24/05
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Bedouin 20h-22h
dOP 19h-20h
Sita Abellán 17h-20h
Phosky 16h-17h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Lowprofile b2b Rumbler b2b Juan Solo 20h-22h
Emerald 20h-21:30h
Lowprofile b2b Rumbler b2b Juan Solo 16h-20h

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Brunch #8 – 14/06
Poble Espanyol

Room 1
Lil’ Louis ’The founding father of house’ 20:15h-22h
Floorplan aka Robert Hood & Lyric 18:45h-20:15h
Cassy 17h-18:45h
IVA 16h-17h
Room 2 – UPLOAD
Chinese Guy 20h-22h
Spirit Disco 18h-20h
Raven 16h-18h

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June 10, 2020


May 27, 2020


May 7, 2020


April 15, 2020


March 24, 2020



Trabajamos en colaboración con el Ajuntament de Barcelona y su protocolo No Callem con el fin de erradicar los abusos y violencia de género dentro de nuestro festival. A su vez tenemos un stand cada día donde profesionales técnicos de Observatori Contra lHomofòbia  proporcionan información y activa el protocolo en caso que haya cualquier incidencia de género o bien homófobo.


Firmly committed to our natural environment, we apply sustainability policies and zero waste in all areas of our festival that range from our suppliers to our public. We recycle, reuse and close the natural cycle of our waste. We also carry out communication campaigns and environmental actions for beach and mountain cleaning.


We like to give back to our neighborhood what it has given us, so we commit ourselves with our neighbors giving economic support to different ONG’s and local entities that need an impulse to develop their social programs. We also fight against hunger in Barcelona through our Social Fooding Foundation, which if you want you can be a volunteer.

As all Brunchers know, the impresive Plaza Mayor of Poble Espanyol is like our house. Another year will receive us to spend great moments in our electronics evenings in its two rooms, but that’s not all: this season, Brunch will be more nomad than ever and will also travel to Antigua Fábrica Damm and Jardins del Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Come and enjoy a different Sunday with us!

Brunch is an outdoor event where you will find areas of shade and areas with tables to take a break from dancing. The location we have chosen, like last year, is the emblematic Poble Espanyol; A charming place to enjoy a unique party very close to the city center.

Hungry? You’ve got nothing to worry about. We have thought of everything, and we have lined up a great variety of gastronomic delicacies so feel free to surprise yourself! From the most carnivorous food to veggie dishes. Do not miss anything!

Our purpose is to bring national and international artists to electronic music lovers. We want you to enjoy great parties under the sunshine, without having to spend the whole night out, that’s how our format works. Festivals are fantastic places to have fun with friends, but we have another concept, which is more family friendly. Here the children will enjoy themselves as much as you.

Petit Brunch is the area of the festival designed so that young and old can share one common place, and enjoy a good lunch and live music under the sun together. The activities of Petit Brunch are a very important part of the event for the little ones. To allow everyone to enjoy as much as they can, we offer a series of original and entertaining activities. They will have a great time on the inflatables, or playing table football, learning at workshops and much more.

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