Actress X Mount Kimbie B2B DJ

Mount Kimbie made a long-awaited return with their third full-length studio album, last year. Meanwhile, Actress’ music had remained as mysterious and beguiling as ever. With an abrasive sound that contains elements of techno, grime, Actress remains one of the most uncompromising and innovative artists around.
Fans of bleeding edge electronica won’t want to miss out on this amazing two-for-one soiree of clubbing.

Mount Kimbie

Alicia Carrera

Her trajectory as a selector starts in Berlin bars and pubs, where she resided for some years. Her musical influences are built from psychedelic and experimental music. Her fascination with unknown musical genres takes her to create the Zauberstab fanzine dedicated to unusual music, among other publishing and DIY projects. Alicia works on the Barcelona label Hivern Discs and is a collaborator on the radio station based in Los Angeles, with the monthly program Zauberstab Radio.

Apparat (DJ Set)

This apparat is one with flexible functions, and its sound is as eclectic as its musical horizon is broad. Its emotional chip features an option on happiness and its sound waves are able to tear your heart apart. While sensitively orchestrating his chamber musical qualities on his records or in his studio, his live performances are known for kicking some ass! He can also proudly refer to a John-Peel-Session and is sporadically working with Gianna Nannini on a Rock Opera.

Asaf Samuel

Cofounder of the label Malka Tuti.
Promoting parties.
Djing like a Blind Ninja.


Self-confessed lover of the ‘Roland sound’ Baldo channels his focus as a selector, balancing between the electronic and organic sounds of club music and elevating crowds to a ‘party standard’ that is expected of internationally renowned contemporaries within the field; avoiding musical fads or being labelled. Drawing from all areas of house and techno, his music includes elements of ambient-acid moods and flavours of Chicago and Detroit in his sets.

Byron The Aquarius

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Byron launched his production career in 2007.
When Byron The Aquarius talks about live frequencies, his enthusiasm is infectious. A keys player by trade, Byron’s love for melody and harmony has consistently drawn the attention of electronic music’s leading labels and producers.

Chez Ed

The first job of Chez Ed was that of the disc provider at the tender and early age of 14 years. This made him know very young a large number of resident djs as well as the discs they needed for their sessions, since their job was to supply these material for their marathon sessions. Actually he’s one of the partners of the radio program Canela En Surco where he shows to the audience lot of his last discoverings that save always as a ace under the sleeve.


A DJ mainstay of Barcelona’s revered clubbing scene, Damerini has also taken matters into his own hands by organising and promoting his own events such as the collective, label: The Monkey Bar, characterised by an unconventional approach to venue selection and a penchant for house music history. Damerini invariably offers a veritable cornucopia of deep, delectable delights, with Chicago and Detroit, black and white, house and techno as the main courses.


On the one hand, Sabi has been involved with music for a long time, discovering the percussion sounds with a drums, later, it is introduced with electronic music, starting with a mixer and a turntable. On the other hand, Ed Warner continues his path as a Dj, thanks to Sabi. That’s when they decide to unify their forces to form Departure Brothers, better known as DB.

Diego Gamez

Diego Gamez is a Venezuelan DJ/Producer born in Caracas, 1982. His unique take on house and techno reflects the world around him and his personal journey through music. As the years go by, Diego´s take on music has kept evolving, and so have his ears. Initially a techno devotee, he was later drawn to alternative styles of music, exploring House, Techno, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Latin music amongst others. Diego has gathered these influences to develop a unique and innovative sound for his DJ sets and productions.


HAAi’s absorbing & slow-release style makes for sets that deal in long lasting pleasures rather than instant hits of gratification, part of the reason she was installed as resident at London club Phonox. Often calling on heavily percussive and primal records “that bring out strangely strong reactions in me,” HAAi is well versed in house, techno, afro, acid and disco, as well as more unusual worldly sounds.

Henrik Schwarz Live

Henrik Schwarz has long been seen as a different kind of electronic artist, not quite fitting the mould of what you would expect from someone who has dedicated the majority of their career to house and techno. With his recent Schwarzmann project however, he has pushed the boundaries more than ever before, arguably redefining what it means for an electronic artist to perform ‘live’.


ISAbella born in Colombia and resident of Barcelona, Studied classical music for eleven years. Six years ago she decided to take the leap to the dj booth, where she has carved a niche for herself by djing in some of the city ́s most emblematic clubs, such as Macarena, Red58, Laut, Checkpoint or City Hall. She also leading the rising and well know Mistress night happening twice a month, supporting local and fresh new talents. A fresh name thats rounding the scene; With no doubt there are many reasons for the upcoming rise of her act.

Ivy Barkakati

American producer and DJ settled in Barcelona since 2012, Ivy has been collecting albums of American House, Disco, Funk and Soul for more than ten years. In her role as producer, she is usually more obscure and experimental, publishing on labels such as Hospital Productions and Modern Obscure Music. You can listen to your monthly program Casa da Crega through.

Jasper James

A DJ and producer with talent that stretches beyond his years, he’s crafted his own-brand of house and techno through DJ sets at some of the worlds most respected clubs such as Fabric, The Warehouse Project, Smartbar, Lux, Bobbeaman and Sub Club; his busiest summer in Ibiza; and is equally at home playing festivals such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and more.


Born and raised in Amsterdam, KAMMA’s path to her craft could not have come more naturally. She is the child of parents who both have DJ’d professionally for over 25 years. Her instinct and open-mindedness result in sets that purvey a wide range of sounds, from disco to techno, jazz to house.Driven by a love of dreamy vibes, cosmic elements and complex rhythms, her sound is defined by an effortless contrast of sounds, energy and emotions.

Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers Live

Larry Heard is a musician widely known for the Chicago house music he produced in the mid-1980s and continues to produce today. He was a member of the influential group Fingers, Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers.His smooth production style with soulful vocals and long instrumental passages that de-emphasized percussion spearheaded the subgenre known as deep house.

Lazare Hoche

He’s gained a reputation for dancefloor geared, deeper-than-deep-house records and reissues of classic, underappreciated French house 12″s through his label. His style as producer and DJ, aiming to present what his term a “unique synthesis,” combining the old with the new, the classic with the innovative.

Lil’ Louis

Lil ‘Louis is the preferred pseudonym of Marvin Louis Burns, a DJ and music producer who is the ‘father and founder of house music’ born in Chicago in 1962. His French Kiss title assured him fame all over the world. He also used the names Lil ‘Louis & The Party, Lil’ Louis & The World, as well as the pseudonym Marvin Burns.


Whether it’s his long-standing love of 90s hip hop, passing penchant for the bright lights and sounds of hardcore or career defining old school house releases, Lone’s music is steeped in nostalgia. Studio or club born, he teases a dance floor ready sound from the in-between places of your consciousness, making you feel warm and fuzzy without quite knowing why.

Luis Costa

Luis Costa, también conocido como Dj Lui, es residente de Razzmatazz Clubs desde el pasado 2009 donde ha pinchado con artistas como Daniel Avery, Lindstrom, Tensnake, Marvin & Guy, Psychemagyk, Matrixxman, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) o Horse Meat Disco. Desde 2013 organiza la fiesta Danceteria por donde han pasado Moscoman, Man Power o Marc Piñol.


Lumière has been interested in music at a very young age. In 2011, she moved to Barcelona where her passion for the music house and techno impelled her to get into the local scene. Her style varies between House and Techno with all its deep & jazzy facets and stands out with a particular mix of old rarities and modern tracks. She has a specific intuition for the right record on the dance floor, where she manages to build a session in a unique way that engages the listener to the last vinyl.

Marc Gimeno

Form his swiss and venezuelian roots he has only kept a true passion for music as maracas and the horn are not particularely his favourite instruments. Although this passion has led him to digg very deep in the crates of many records shops and therefore acquire a great musical background that are reflected in his sets always using house and techno as a backbone.

Marcello Giordani & Luis Costa B2B

Marcello Giordani is one of the key figures of the blooming Italian Disco scene. Being a producer, Dj and collector of rare Italo-Disco vinyls, he is on the very front of the exploding Disco movement in Europe with his “Italo Deviance” Blog and Label.

Maya Jane Coles

Maya is somewhat of an enigma in today’s music world; on a typical Maya Jane Coles record, Maya will have written, produced, engineered, arranged, mixed and performed every element of the track; sometimes top-lining and, on most occasions, even designing the sleeve artwork too. His style is an eclectic melting pot of sounds and textures drawing on everything from house and techno through to R&B and Dub.


As resident at Paris’ legendary Rex Club, Molly has established herself as one of the city’s brightest talents, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful DJ career and producing several key releases for famous labels.

Move D

Moufang’s grandmothers were both classical concert pianists. He can still remember favourite childhood moments, sitting under the piano as they played, surrounded and lost in sound.If talent converted into record sales, David Moufang would be a very rich man. His records with partner Jonas Grossmann as Deep Space Network and his own solo releases as Move D are among the furthest outreaches of techno’s push towards the stars.

Mr. G Live

The term ‘legend’ is often banded around willy nilly in the dance music realm, but Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, is one of the few who can rightfully lay claim to this accolade.
Having been in the game for around 2 decades now, Mr. G is widely considered to be one of the most under-rated artists about – with only true music fans appreciating his vast contribution to dance music.

Mr. Scruff

Scruff decided to explore his strange passion both in rounded line drawings and music. An electro-ska-hip-hop kid, Carthy started making tapes in 1983 using the very finest in pause button technology. His passion for hearing music that he couldn’t hear out anywhere else led him into the world of DJing – first of all as a kid with one deck – then hearing electro albums and being determined to mix. The result was that by 1994 he was out DJing in clubs.

Nølah Live

Nølah is a producer and Dj from Lleida, although actually lives in Barcelona. She studied classical music and also, took part in a rock band with the guitarist and composer roles. All this way is perceived in the latest project, however her main influence are an electronic sounds. Hypnotic melodies, fat bass line and heavy beats are the principal features of her work. When all of this is assembled together, give and emotional and progressive techno.


Omar-S is an electronic music producer from Detroit. Noted for his raw, stripped-back approach to both creating and marketing his music, Smith is associated with the genres of Detroit techno and house. He’s noted for maintaining a low-key public profile despite having released critically acclaimed albums and singles.

Prins Thomas

The spirit of a DJ bio is boring, self-centered, and egotistical. Prins Thomas knows that all too well and fears the result: someone who makes him sound like the best DJ in the world…although most people would love such a comment on their skills. His own label Full Pupp has some of the best house-not-house, neo-disco or call-itwhat- you-want dance music records to offer that you heard in a long time.

Robert Hood

Robert Hood, is a Detroit producer widely credited for “inventing” minimal techno, originally motivated by the desire to return to the soul-inspired style of the forefathers of Detroit techno. His stripped-down approach to dance music was first announced by Internal Empire.


Sano is a DJ and producer from Medellín, Colombia resident in Barcelona, Spain.
As DJ and musician he has been very active in his hometown Medellín, being part of a collective throwing the illegal “Perro Negro” parties; reviving the spirit of a legendary club of the 50ies and 60ies, where thieves, guerrilleros and prostitutes join to enjoy the music of Daniel Santos and La Sonora Matancera, for example. That same combination of volume, darkness and sub-culture is generated here again, but with a new kind of swing.

Shanti Celeste

Shanti Celeste has a great momentum going. Born in Chile and based in Bristol, she’s a core member of the esteemed Idle Hands crew. Shanti’s DJ style has the same down-to-earth allure as her records. Dusty, groovy and filled with the kind of recent gems only record store staff seem to know about (plus a few older ones, of course).

Special Request

Special Request is the new rugged alias for house and techno stalwart Paul Woolford. Inspired by the unruly conventions of UK pirate radio stations, this project captures the raw energy and diversity of the illegal airwaves and uses this as a springboard of inspiration for a series of heavyweight productions that span from murky house through darkside techno to chaotic eye-of-the-storm hardcore/jungle tear-outs. The end results are incendiary. This new moniker serves as a channel for a much more physical, rough around the edges sound, fusing the energy of the hardcore and jungle wonder years with modern production techniques and a seriously heavy aesthetic.


Dutch-born Steffi is a key figure in the realms of contemporary electronic music. As a resident at Panorama Bar, a respected producer and label owner, her work embraces underground electronic culture in its many forms. With the experience that comes with promoting underground parties for over a decade, and running two record labels, Steffi has developed a natural and professional balance between DJing and making records. Her productions continue to mature and shine, exploring many different aspects of Electro, House and Techno, with a distinctive clarity and classic approach.


Terr is the project of Daniela Caldellas, a Barcelona-based DJ-producer who grew up in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte. Clash Lion label boss. Her sound blends techno, electro, and house with electro-futuristic textures and analog sounds. Besides DJing, Caldellas is also developing a live show where she recreates the Terr studio experience on stage.

Tom Trago

Tom Trago’s relationship with music has always been particularly intense. “I couldn’t imagine life without music,” he says. “I feel this physical need to make music every day. It’s like my body needs it as much as it needs food, water or sunshine.”
Right now, Trago’s immersion in music is almost total. An internationally renowned DJ, producer, live performer and label owner with three critically acclaimed albums to his name, the Dutchman divides his time between all-day studio sessions, DJ gigs and live shows all over the world, and a steady stream of musical collaborations. You sometimes wonder how he finds time to sleep.


Daughter of Venezuelan musician and vinyl collector since her childhood, VIRGINIE began her work as a professional DJ in 1999. Eclectic by nature, she is known for combining the exquisite touch and groove of black music and is capable of alternating from Soul to Funk , from the Hiphop to the Disco arriving at the House, offering a perfect exercise between selection and quality mix.