Agatha Pher

Born in Barcelona, ​​Agatha Pher is a part of the new wave inside the electronic music scene of the city. Breaking stereotypes and pre-established rules, the DJ and producer has burst into the booths around the world. She’s one of the most emerging figures in the current electronic scene.

Alicia Carrera

Her career as a selector starts in Berlin bars and pubs, where she lives for some years. Her musical influences are built from psychedelic and experimental music. Her fascination with unknown musical genres lead her to create the Zauberstab fanzine dedicated to unusual music. Alicia works on the Barcelonés label Hivern Discs and is a collaborator on the radio station based in Los Angeles


A musical universe influenced by the future beats, pop, and contemporary R&B, through which the Barcelona native stimulates the listener’s libido through sinuous cadences, velvet vocals, and vaporous textures that cloud the senses.
Awwz will continue to immerse us in the sound imagery.
This can also be attested by her appearances at Sónar Festival (in Barcelona and Buenos Aires), Primavera Sound, DGTL, or Trópico Mexico, she also has played twice at Boiler Room (Mexico and Spain).


Baldo channels his focus as a selector, balancing between the electronic and organic sounds of club music and elevating crowds to a ‘party standard’ that is expected of internationally renowned contemporaries within the field; avoiding musical fads or being labelled. Drawing from all areas of house and techno, his music includes elements of ambient-acid moods and flavours of Chicago and Detroit in his sets.


He remains one of the few DJs in the UK to have made an impact without a production career to fall back on, and as such his reputation is solely the result of his skill as a selector and as a mixer. As a result he remains in a position to fully explore sounds both old and new, across the worlds of house and garage, dubstep and grime, and further into the past.


Blond:ish has carved out its unique production recipe which focuses on the art of creating music that is organic and multi-dimensional. Provocative basslines contrasted with smooth textures and sticky vocals blend into a genre of house that rebels against being pigeonholed to any specific category.

Bob Moses CLUB SET

Bob Moses, the Vancouver-bred duo consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, came to life in the Brooklyn underground scene in 2012. Meshing guitar licks, a moody smolder and a dash of dance-floor ambience with lyrical depth and classic songwriting, the duo created a sound that appeals equally to club goers and rock music fans. A standout performance on The Ellen Show, a pair of nominations at both the Junos and the Grammys (and a Grammy win), and a top 15 US Alternative radio hit with “Tearing Me Up,” have further sealed the band’s burgeoning mainstream success.

Booka Shade LIVE

With their beginnings in Frankfurt and their sights originally on synth-pop, the duo Booka Shade quickly gained a strong following. In 2002 Booka Shade formed the now legendary dance label Get Physical Music (together with M.A.N.D.Y., Thomas ‘DJ T.’ Koch and Peter Hayo), where they would have a platform for their own music. The duo further solidified their position as electronic maestros.

Call Super

DJ and musician from London who has carved out his own place in the landscape of electronic music. By a meticulous approach to the composition, production, art direction and presentation of his work. Everything in his life stems from his acute curiosity and ability to subtly dislocate the norm.

Daniel Baughman

Daniel Baughman has been linked to John Talabot’s Hivern Discs since just after its inception, becoming Label Manager in 2011 and from 2015 onwards in charge of A&R duties for the Catalan imprint.

Dekmantel Soundsystem

The Dekmantel Soundsystem crew have firmly established themselves as kings of high quality musical enjoyment in more ways than one. Dekmantel Soundsystem, plays sets that are fully of seductive surprises and groovy gems, offers a tasteful and 360 degree take on electronic music that has truly helped put the Netherlands and its scene on the map in recent years.

Dj Mookie

Part of the Jookoo collective, Dj Mookie explores all the most electronic, experimental and modern sounds of this decade.

Dj Phyton

The producer of Queens, erected in recent years in one of the sensations of the New York underground, had the crazy idea of ​​calling his music half joking, “deep reguetón”. And while the basis of the sound of DJ Python is mixing bases and samples polyrhythms are the only the tip of the iceberg of a sound that unites new age qualities with other different styles of contemporary electronics.

DJ Rosario

If there is something that stands out the most from the sessions of Dj Rosario, and that distinguish it, it is that ability to surprise you always in your tech house sessions, from the most recent song to that of an old techno or classic house playing the fiber of more than one, making a perfect cocktail of styles and eras.
te hasta la de un viejo techno o house clásico tocando la fibra de más de uno, haciendo un perfecto cóctel de estilos y épocas.

Egyptian Lover

He started out as a DJ in 1978-79 and became the headlining DJ for Uncle Jam’s Army in 1982. The Egyptian Lover has been bringing you that sound you have enjoyed for over 35 years. Music to make you dance. Getting his style from Kraftwerk and enjoying the Roland TR-808 drum machine, programming it like a mad man, he loved beats and no one was making beats back then.


María Barros, a colombian, Barcelona based artist, dj and producer. For ten years she has been collaborating with the pioneer viennese techno label Pomelo as dj and promoter. For the last two years, she has been happily engaged with music and Barcelona’s Contemporary Art scene.

Golden bug

Essential record producer, label owner, DJ, groove sculptor, metal sculptor, and incredibly multi-talented artist. A sound redefining the club vibes. A ghetto-inspired forward-thinking mix of booming basses, crispy synths and never-heard-before cut up voices.

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon was born and raised in Chicago the home of house music. Like many involved in the scene, her love affair with music began upon hearing her parent’s soul and R&B records at home. Still preferring vinyl as a format, there is something hugely authentic about the way Honey mixes, fusing the bump of Chicago with more classic New York sounds and other European influences. Her sets are known for their strong programming, passion and integrity.


Isabel Alessandrini aka ISA·BEL, is Dj and producer based in Barcelona, passionate by electronic music and the Vinyl format. Her sound is deep and progressive, minimal and techno, with a great groove.


ISAbella born in Colombia and resident of Barcelona, Studied classical music for eleven years. Six years ago she decided to take the leap to the dj booth, where she has carved a niche for herself by djing in some of the city ́s most emblematic clubs, such as Macarena, Red58, Laut, Checkpoint or City Hall. She also leading the rising and well know Mistress night happening twice a month, supporting local and fresh new talents. A fresh name thats rounding the scene; With no doubt there are many reasons for the upcoming rise of her act.


At only 27 years of age, Bolivian-born IVA already has a string of accomplishments under her belt that most artists spend a lifetime trying to achieve. Preferring to play long sets that allow her melodic techno sound to build over many hours, IVA tells a story by taking her crowd on a musical journey they can get lost in.

J-E-T-S (Jimmy Edgar x Machinedrum)

J-E-T-S is the magnificent powerhouse duo comprised of producers Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart a.k.a. Machinedrum. While both multi-talented musicians actively pursue and perform their solo endeavors, they collaborate as JETS, fusing their respective styles in a hypnotic, melted blend of sensual percussive deliciousness.

Jen Cruz

Jen Cruz has a very club style, with melodic and forceful sounds that make you travel in each of their sets. Jen still continues to pursue their dreams by entering the world of production now. Stay with your name.

John Talabot

Talabot feels comfortable with any genre at any time. His sets are not so different from what an attentive listening of his records can reveal: psychedelia, slow house, mutant techno, new wave, balearic, synth pop, African rhythms, cosmic funk…

Jon Hopkins DJ SET

As a trained pianist and composer, Jon Hopkins has been behind some of the more beautiful electronic albums in recent memory. His sound combines ambient and modern classical with downtempo and electronic influences.

Jorge Gamarra

Jorge Gamarra aka George is a Dj and producer born in Montevideo, Uruguay, based in Barcelona. His intimate relationship with music goes way back into his life, thereby influencing his selection and conceptual line. The new, the old, and the love for art and vinyl merge to create a dateless, versatile and eclectic atmosphere.

Kerri Chandler

Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler one of deep house music’s originators, has been injecting soul into music since the early nineties. An ambassador of the natural and instinctive 4/4 beat, Kerri’s influences can be traced back to New Jersey growing up in a family of jazz musicians. His father being a respected deejay, provided Kerri with a rich background in the origins of soul, disco and the New York Underground Sound


KiNK has become one of house music’s most in demand producers and remixers: his tracks easily stand out in any club night and they are second to none in the most competitive environment electronic music has ever seen. His abilities in finding the ‘sweet spot’ of new machines and even of sounds considered ‘classic’ and to reshape them into totally different beasts would be totally enough to justify the phenomenon.

Konstantin Sibold

Konstantin Sibold’s cultured approach to performance and production has forged a style that is both distinctive and personal. Music in a diverse array of forms. He became the youngest resident of legendary Stuttgart club, Rocker 33. He moves fleet-footed between musical categories, with a characteristic confidence that his quintessential style will shine through.


Her DJ sessions are a conscious and oneiric journey, where she tries to take the audience by the hand to experience the music as she feels it, creating joyful rhythms with hypnotic, authentic and immersive sounds. Combining organic roots and natural textures with a new form
to make electronics.


After a few years of growing in the culturally rich sceene of Uruguay, and playing with various figures of the local and international scene, he moves to Barcelona to continue with his carreer. Captivated by the sound of analog gear, and motivated by the need to express himself through music, he decides to go deep into production, and create his own imprint, SUR, with two friends.

Marcel Dettmann

DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann is recognised as one of the most influential proponents of contemporary Techno. Widely associated with iconic places –Berlin, Berghain and Hard Wax –Dettmann stays true to his roots by consistently innovating his interpretation of electronic music, integrating art with the scene. As a passionate DJ and one of the faces of Berghain, Dettmann seeks to inspire his listeners with sounds both reduced and rough, balanced by emotional and surprising moments throughout his sets.

Marian Ariss

Influenced by her father who was a disc jockey in the 80’s, has a very broad musical background. Showcasing different styles, this Dj and Producer, uses beats from more atmospheric rhythms to more club type Deep House, Deep tech and Tech House, creating a journey of emotions in each set. Now residing in Barcelona, at only 20 years old, she has managed to play in emblematic sites of the electronic music scene.

Marvin & Guy

Marvin and Guy have been taking their talents global, their ability to spin through from disco to techno setting tongues to talking and hips to shaking. When you ask what kind of music they play the answer will always be ‘Groovy Techno’.


Through its productions, DJ sets and record label, the production of Midland is shown as simple and surprising as well as subtle, refined and totally strident. His style focuses on house and techno and multiple mutations of dubstep.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a unique kind of ensemble in that it consists of just one man : Simultaneously retro and futuristic German House pioneer Danilo Plessow . He was born in 1985 in a small town in rural southern germany and soon moved to Stuttgart. He was always incredibly young at taking up things: He started playing drums at the tender age of six and discovered his love for jazz in the school big band. From eleven , he started working on his own original productions using a computer and samples. Being influenced by Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and House.

Nico Stojan

Berlin native, Nico Stojan, has been all across the planet taking people on musical journeys since the early nineties. He developed a deep love for Jazz & Hip Hop before the vibrant growth of the famous Berlin electronic nightlife.

Nolah LIVE

Nolah is a young producer of electronic music and Live performer of Lleida, although it is currently established in Barcelona. He studied classical music and also participated in a rock band as a guitarist and composer. All this tour is reflected in his latest project, however its main influence is electronic sounds. Hypnotic melodies and strong bass lines are the main features of his work resulting in an emotional and progressive techno.


An unassuming DJ from Ireland, the last 2 years have seen Or:la emerge in meteoric fashion. Driven by powerful basslines and hypnotic drum patterns, she constructs expansive worlds to get lost in.

Palmbomen II LIVE

Kai Hugo is real artist, someone who makes music to dance to, but music that is constructed like a proper song with a real narrative. Whether making it for the club, at home or a film, it is his quest for unusual harmonies and absorbing grooves that stands him apart.

Paula Tape

Paula Tape is a woman inspired by passion and curiosity for all arts, but her strongest passion is without a doubt music. It’s a fire which feeds her continuous research and pushed her to travel the world. This also inspired her to get away from her native country Santiago de Chile where she grew up as a drummer in a few metal and indie-electro bands, to then DJ whilst studying fashion design at University.

Peaking Lights

Aaron Coyes is a dj, musician and producer who has been playing with esoteric sounds since the mid 90’s. Known for having developed his own sound, from dj sets to remixes to productions, his work has seen significant time on dance floors.

Rampue LIVE

Everyone loves Berlin-based producer Rampue. Not only, because he still is the congenial guy with a trashy sense of humour, but also because with his no frills, tender live-sets he invades everyone’s hearts and minds. Techno reacting to the sun like the sea reacts to the moon.


Raxon has fast become known as one of the Middle East’s most respected electronic artists. The Egyptian, based now in Barcelona, his upbringing and passion for this music has driven him to produce his signature sound of driving bass heavy House & Techno.But this is just the beginning; Raxon has so much more to give.

Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi’s productions are prime for interstellar communication; sublime mind dance, warehouse bleeps and dawn-ready breaks that will inevitably find union between earth people and other beings.

Shall Ocin

The Argentine Nicolás Abalos aka Shall Ocin has a long history related to music dating from his childhood. As a young man he played guitar and electronic bass, and was in contact with a wide variety of musical styles, from classics of the 80s to the funky.

Teki Latex

Nearly everyone in the underground has heard the name Teki Latex at one point or another for different reasons. From his rapper past as a member of revered progressive French Rap group TTC dating back to 1998.
It’s hard to predict how a Teki Latex DJ set is going to turn out. A profound respect for the slow-burning grooves of Techno and House is palpable, but so is his fascination for the broken rhythms of IDM, Grime, the UK Garage and sound system genealogies as well as many incarnations of American club music.


Thessa Torsing, better known as Upsammy, one of the most talked-about young DJ/producers on the Dutch electronic music underground. An upsammy DJ set and you’ll be treated to a surprising and dynamic blend of experimental electronic dreaminess, spatial soundscapes, sci-fi inspired techno, raging body music and intense, electro-fired workouts.

Viki Anta

After having become a vital part of the national Indie scene since 2006, this authentic agitator of the booths takes a turn towards a more forceful electronic. Dj and producer based between Barcelona and Formentera. Since 2006 it has been giving war with unforgettable sessions in emblematic places.

Violeta Villa

Carolina Villa aka Violeta Villa is a creative, melomaniac, versatile artist with
proposals exclusively analyzed and digested through an educated ear.
Her personal style was developed after intense consumption of electronics from
experimental and environmental perspectives.


Manchester’s finest Willow aka Sophie Wilson is the purveyor of a style defined from a bubbling melting pot of dubby textures, minimal patterns and stripped back influences. Willow has developed a sound that’s unusually distinctive, yet hard to define.


Ylia has been bubbling away in the national underground scene for some time, always generating positive feedback when performing on stage or in the DJ booth. Her dexterous and ever reliable sets interchange between diverse genres, sometimes ambient and experimental, other times more direct and dance floor friendly.


YokoO is no stranger to house music in all its deepest forms. His musical intuition drives his production and his full groove based approach to seductive house music turns heads. YokoO’s music has proven time and time again it can reach the record bags of the DJing elite in every continent.