In Brunch -In we are ; ‘Joy and Commitment’. Joy represents the feeling of happiness and fun that we want to convey through avant-garde electronic music and friendship in a unique outdoor environment. Commitment encompasses the social and environmental actions that we have been developing for several years with the aim of enhancing respect and care for the environment that welcomes us.


We collaborate with Observatori contra l’Homofòbia, we defend values of tolerance, respect and freedom for the LGTBI collective and we have a stand to provide psychological assistance against any type of incident during the festival as well as information and awareness. Together we were the first to create a decalogue of good practices and the concept of Friendly Party. We have now made Brunch an LGTBI-friendly reference event in Barcelona.


We participate in the ‘NO CALLEM’ initiatives, we fight against aggressions and sexual abuse against women with a stand at the festival and psycho-social specialists.

We also push the presence of female artists in all of our festival line up. We support the feminine electronic scene and we give visibility to new emerging women talents.


    We incorporate initiatives to reduce the amount of waste generated with the aim
    of being a ‘ZERO WASTE’ festival.
  • Use of reusable polypropylene cups with return system:
    The glasses are reused in each season and even during several of them. As a general rule a disposable cup has a shelf life of 3 minutes. With this system we increase it to several years and, incidentally, we reduce the amount of virgin materials used to manufacture single-use containers.
  • Elimination of single-use plastic straws in all events:
    It is one of the most ambitious initiatives, since few organizers dare to do so. The straws represent 4% of plastic garbage. Many of them end up in the sea and harm marine animals. Brunch has shown that people do not mind drinking without a straw and that you can totally do without them in a good party.
  • Water bottle return system:
    A system has been established through which you reimburse 0.50€ each time you return a bottle of water. We will take care of your recycling.
  • Zero plastic policy with food suppliers:
    We work in the implementation of a policy that allows to reduce to zero the number of products packed in plastic from our food suppliers.
  • Cardboard and plastic compaction machines:
    Thanks to them, the volume of such waste is reduced, and the trucks that transport them save several trips. This way we reduce your CO2 emissions.
  • A machine to grind the glass:
    When transformed into tiny dust, the glass can be used to fill beaches or as a pool filter.
  • Cleaning of the Parc Joan Brossa and its surroundings:
    Some fifty volunteers collaborate in the cleaning of the mountain of Montjuic. In addition, we have intensive cleaning units in the neighborhood on Sunday night, so there is no waste in the street.

In the coming months, we prepare ourselves to face several challenges and continue to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Improve the separation of waste in festival and in suppliers
  • Find real recycling solutions for PET bottles
  • Separate the cigarette butts and encourage their recycling
  • Reduce waste during assembly and dismantling of the festival
  • Trace the waste to 100%
  • Find alternatives without container to sell water
  • Search exits to the crystal powder